Notification on Introduction of Star 1 and 2 Hotels to Cater to Tourists

The Lengye Zhungtshog vide letter no. C-3/141/2023/1612 dated April 24, 2023 has approved hotels with a rating below 3 stars to provide services to tourists, subject to fulfillment of minimum standards. The Department of Tourism would like to inform the public of the following:

1. The existing Tourist Accommodation and Standardization and Classification System, consisting of 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotel, will be extended to include 1 star and 2 star categories.

2. Non-star hotels that have been assessed and found qualified for Blue Poppy 1 will be I star and Blue Poppy 2 will be 2 star rating.

3. The Department will formally notify hotels of their assessment results of Phase I and Phase

Il from May 5, 2023.

4. Non-star hotels that have not been certified by the Department will be required to undergo assessment and meet the minimum standards, if they wish to provide services to tourists.

Assessment of these hotels will commence from June 5, 2023. The Department will disseminate the procedures and supporting documents required for assessment and certification. To ensure timely assessment, Dzongkhags will be authorized for assessment where possible.

5. In locations without any certified tourist hotels rated I star and above, existing hotels will be allowed to cater to tourists on a time bound provisional basis, upon fulfillment of criteria determined by the Department.

6. Homestays certified by the Department, as per the existing practice, are also authorized to serve tourists in addition to certified tourist hotels.

We kindly request your support and cooperation in complying with this notification. For further clarification, please contact Ms. Deki at 17627540 or Ms. Pema Deki at 17905404 during office hours.

Offtg Director General, Department of Tourism