Tourism product development is a necessary step towards enhancement of overall tourism development in the country. Towards this end, erstwhile Tourism Council of Bhutan developed Bhutan Tourism Product Development Guidelines with objectives, among others, to assist planning and design, development and operations of tourism products. The guidelines were developed involving the relevant agencies with the funding support received from ICIMOD, Nepal through Nature Conservation Division, Department of Forest and Agriculture, MoAF.

Since then, the guidelines have greatly helped in strengthening synergies for tourism product development within the sectors of both government and non-governmental organizations. It has immensely contributed in the improvement of collaborations among stakeholders whilst also helping to channelize limited resources to bring huge impact in the overall tourism development in the country.

The guidelines provide useful information for the Proponents to navigate through the information and processes which otherwise can be overwhelming especially for the new entrants into the tourism industry. However the guidelines do not create a step-wise guide to starting and operating a tourism business.

Product Development Guideline