Posted on: Aug 25, 2019

Availability: From: 2020-05-04 | To: 2020-05-12

Posted By: Bhutan Travel Gate

Bhutan Travel Gate arranges a host of traditional Bhutanese homestay overnight stays for various visitors, where you can get to see and experience exactly how the local people go about their daily lives through a system of self-subsistence culture with bare basic amenities.

You will have the opportunity to blend yourself with the real Bhutanese way of living, a very simple Himalayan life. Sitting cross legged on the floor in a traditional kitchen to have dinner can be quite an experience, it’s actually a norm in Bhutan to sit on the floor. It can indeed be an eye-opening experience for someone on holiday. Seeing awesome exhibits at grandiose museums may be one thing but experiencing the true Bhutanese essence of culture and tradition at first hand with your bare heart and mind in the true Bhutanese sort of sense can be quite out of the world altogether.