Posted on: Jan 1, 2019

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Posted By: Phen-Kiet Adventure Tours And Travels

The word Phen ( benefit) combined with Kiet ( Peace) is a well established private tours and travel company licensed by the government of Bhutan. 

Our vision is "LEADING A HAPPY TOUR". We make the travelers happy by giving our royally services to our guest and ensure a memorable holidays. We offer professional licensed guide to accompany our guest throughout the journey to discover Bhutans remarkable enviroment and rich preserved culture and traditions. The company has successfully established as reputed for personal services and provide fine cuisine, luxury accommodation and comfortable transportation.

Besides, we also take a pride to make our Bhutanese citizens happy by caring the environment, conserving our wild life and preserving the unique culture. We efficiently and creatively organize activities in the community like traditional home stay and trekking in remote villages and help the local people generate some income from tourism activities. 

We organize cultural tour, festival tour, educational tour, bicycling and biking tours, bird watching and eco tourism  combined with meditation and GNH talks. Therefore, join us to experience the best tour and know the country's developing philosophy of "GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS". For more information meet us on