Xing Asia Bhutan Travel

Office Hours Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays) from 10:00hrs - 18:00hrs
Year Established 2014
License Holder Mindu Gyem
Address Jojo's Building, Rm:53,Thimphu
Telp +975-2-327012

+(65) 6602 8187
Contact Person
Michael Lee
Fax +975-2-326741
Specialize In
  • Cultural
  • Photography
  • Trekking
What is Xing?
Xing, literally means “travel” in Chinese. When one travel, he/she is constantly seeking new meaning and experiences during the trip. Through direct interaction with the travelling companions, the environment and the community in which they pass through, the traveller will be enriched in terms of understanding and appreciation of a greater community. The context of “Xing” is more than a vacation, but taking on a journey that results in an in-depth change in our perspectives, attitudes and behaviour. Most importantly, the experience of discovery helps to expand our souls and we also find ourselves.
As St Augustine said, “The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page”. Traveling is probably the best education you can give yourself.
What is Xing Asia?
Xing Asia is a fully licensed travel agent by the Singapore Tourism Board with ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certified by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).  We specialise in journeys off the beaten tracks and photography trip in Asia and Africa.
The company is started by Michael Lee, a passionate photographer with an deep-seated appreciation of the local people and culture. Our philosophy is to provide authentic and value-packed experience for like-minded people to travel Asia through photography.
The journey will create a platform for people with passion to share and express themselves and understanding local culture, lifestyles and giving back to the communities we visit. Xing Asia is always committed to provide you with the best photographic and friendship experience your money can buy.