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The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) would like to update/share with all our stakeholders (Tour operators, Tour guides and Accommodation/Restaurant service providers and others) the various initiatives and forthcoming changes in our tourism industry. We would like to communicate these information in virtual meetings scheduled from 11th to 25th March, 2022.

Kindly note that you will attend the meeting only on the date and time you have selected during the registration (As per the number of registrations received, we have decided to merge and reduce the number of sessions. Therefore, kindly note that the sessions for 21st, 23rd and 25th March have been now moved to 18th March. Therefore, those who have registered for sessions on 21st, 23rd and 25th March have to attend the session on 18th March. The meeting link for 18th March will be shared through email).

Therefore, please register for the meeting using the registration links provided below latest by 10th March 2022, 17:00 hours (As there are still more slots available, there is a change in the last dates for registration. For 11th March session, the registration will be stopped on 10th March, 17:00 hours. For the rest of the sessions, the registrations will be stopped 24 hours before the respective session's date and time or once the slots get filled up, whichever is earlier). In case of any difficulties, please contact us at the following telephone numbers: (i) 17631660 (ii) 17506714

The link for the actual meeting will be made available on our website (under the announcement section). However, depending on the circumstances, the meeting link could be sent to your registered email address. Therefore, please do not forget to check your email too.

Registration links for the meeting

11th March, 2022, 3 PM-

14th March, 2022, 10 AM-

16th March, 2022, 10 AM-

18th March, 2022, 10 AM-

21st March, 2022, 10 AM-

23rd March, 2022, 10 AM-

25th March, 2022, 10 AM-

25th March, 2022, 3 PM-

Information to be shared during the meetings

1. Operational guidelines for tourism under new normal,

2. Procedures for Health and Safety of Tourists,

3. SOP for tourist quarantine facilities and criteria for selection of tourist quarantine facilities,

4. Clean and Safe assessment of hotels, restaurants, tour operators and guides,

5. Changes in levy of SDF as per the Levy Act of Bhutan 2020,

6. Guidelines on the management of regional tourist,

7. Online system for export of non-antiques,

8. Tourist information center at Paro Airport,

9. Standardization and classification of non-star rated hotels,

10. Guideline for tours/treks by expatriates and their dependents based in Bhutan 2021,

11. Disaster Management and Contingency Plan (DMCP) for Tourism Sector,

12. Roadside Amenities (RSA),

13. Rural/Community tourism development,

14. River survey for commercial rafting,

15. Taktsang Trail Development – Separate horse trail,

16. Snowman Race 2022


Agenda for the meetings 


Tourism Council of Bhutan