Tourism sector is undergoing major transformation with renewed focus on sustainability and with a vision to live up to the “High value, Low volume” tourism principle. Under this transformation process, there is an upward revision of Sustainable Development Fees (SDF) and entry fees to spiritual and sacred sites. This needs to commensurate with high end infrastructure and services to protect and promote exclusivity and continue to provide positive visitor experience.

Among others, there is a need to construct restrooms (toilets) along the highways and popular tourist sites to provide decent services for all the travelers including tourists and to discourage open defecation. Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has constructed over eighty such restrooms along the highways and tourist sites. However, providing quality and clean restrooms continue to remain a major challenge despite having tried various management modalities such as service contract, management contract and leased contract.

Therefore, we would like to outsource the operations and management of restrooms to the interested and passionate individual/group/companies/CSOs, etc. who can operate on a business model. The main purpose of outsourcing the operations and management is to provide opportunity to interested applicant and to ensure clean, safe and functional restrooms at all times. In this regard, there is an urgency to institute proper restroom management at Phajoding and Taktshang trails with a possible extension to other restrooms sites in the future on need basis.

Therefore, in continuation to the notice inviting EoI dated August 17, 2022, we would like to invite the detailed proposals from all the interested applicants for the nationwide operation and management of restrooms with commencement from two restrooms each at Phjoding and Taktshang trail. The detailed proposal shall be submitted in person to this office latest by September 14, 2022 on or before 03: 00 pm.

The detailed standard Request for proposal (SRFP) document along with Terms of Reference can be downloaded from TCB website under announcement tab. For further information, kindly contact Mr. Dorji Wangdi @ 323251(Ext. 248)/17700780 or Mr. Pema Samdrup @ 17671348 during office hours.

Standard Request for Proposal (SRFP) document

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