This is to notify all concerned that the “Guideline on Tented Accommodation in Bhutan, 2020” has been developed by the Ministry of Works and Human Settlements in collaboration with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The guideline comes into effect from January 1, 2020.

This guideline is developed to: 

  1. Guide construction of Tented accommodation in Bhutan,   
  2. Set standards for establishing tented accommodation and 
  3. Ensure tented construction are safe and habitable and is in harmony with the environment. 

The guideline outlines the procedure for application, approval and monitoring on constructions of tented accommodations; and planning and design standards for tented accommodation. Tourism Council of Bhutan would like to urge all stakeholders to kindly follow the provisions of the guidelines for all matters related to tented accommodation. 

Director General 

Please click below to view the Guidelines for Tented Accommodation.

Tented Accommodation Guidelines