The Tourism Council of Bhutan is pleased to announce the online training and assessment on "Clean and Safe" requirements for Star Rated Accommodation Service Providers from 20th April – 19th May, 2022 with the following conditions:

  • Two staff from star rated accommodations must attend the online training and assessment and they should meet the minimum score required;
  • The hotel staff who successfully completed this online training and assessment must conduct an in-house orientation to other staff of their property; and
  • Physical assessment of property will be discontinued henceforth. Those star rated hotels that have successfully completed the online training and assessment will be listed on TCB website as “Clean and Safe” accommodation providers.

Hotels that attended the face-to-face training in November 2021 will be considered as having met the requirements of clean and safe.

Click the link below for:

1. Reading materials: 

2. Audio visual materials:

Please refer to the reading materials above and attempt the assessment/test online through the respective links given below:

Assessment/test link:

The above links are still active and you can attempt the test at any time.

Your test score will be automatically sent to your given email ID within 1 minute after successful submission of your test. If you do not receive any email within the said time, kindly write to [email protected] providing your details (Property name & contact number). If you have provided a correct email address, you will not face any such issues. For enquiries or clarification, please contact us at the above given email address.

The contents for the training materials were compiled from the World Health Organization (WHO) website, Ministry of Health (MoH), Bhutan, website and other online sources.