The Tourism Council of Bhutan would like to invite sealed quotations for “Production and designing of Bhutan Magazine 2015”

All interested can download the ‘Terms of Reference’ from TCB The quotation should be submitted to the Head, Marketing and Promotion Division, TCB, latest by 31st October 2014 and it will be opened on the same day at 3:00pm. 

For further information please visit or contact Ms. Sonam Pelden at 323251/2 (Extn 203) during office hours.

Term of Reference

Bhutan Magazine, 2015 

Production of the Magazine 

(Editor and Graphic Designer)


Tourism has consistently been one of the highest revenue generators for the country. Its tremendous potential as a truly indigenous industry for socio-economic progress, in particular to alleviate poverty and create employment, have yet to be fully explored. This and the clear comparative advantage Bhutan enjoys make for a compelling logic to promote Bhutan as a high-end tourism destination in a manner which accords with the premises of Gross National Happiness.

Considerably Tourism Council of Bhutan has developed a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy, product diversification, infrastructure development, seasonality etc to further promote Bhutan as high-end destination. Apart from attending travel fairs, "word of mouth" and articles, books and magazine which highlight various features about Bhutan are still main source of information among visitors in Bhutan.

Bhutan Magazine is special publication by the Tourism Council of Bhutan focusing on people lifestyle, government, unique culture and traditional and natural environment which serves as a promotional tool.

Specific activities

Under the general guidance and direction of the Director of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, the consultant shall be responsible for the production of the Bhutan Magazine, 2015.

He/she shall work with tourism officials to develop the magazine and to identify key topics to be covered. He/she shall provide overall creative direction on the content of the magazine and will be supported by an editorial team of the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

All relevant photographs will be provided by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. TCB will also acquire and commission photographs where necessary.

Scope of work 

Act as overall editor & graphic designer in identifying and developing content, 

Develop concept and thematic design for the Magazine

Identify and commission article writers/contributors and discuss this list with TCB for approval

Identifying pictures/illustration for the Magazine

Write articles/editorial for the magazine

Edit/re-write copy from the contributors to ensure consistent style, language and content

Create an attractive, visually appealing layout for the Bhutan Magazine

Proof reading of the magazine during the ongoing process and final stages

Selection of the company 

The company will be selected based on documented qualification and experiences. An Assessment Committee composed of representatives from the three divisions will read the proposals and recommend for the final decision. The Assessment Committee reserves the right not to select any proposal without any explanation.  

Requirement of Expression of Interest 

A brief write up on the proposed strategies as mentioned in the scope of work. A budget proposal, including all the expenditures, fee and re-imbursables should be submitted. A Curriculum Vitas describing previous experiences, qualifications, references and samples of previous work should also be included. 


Interested companies should send their proposals with their quotes and all the required documents along with the earnest money to the Marketing and Promotion Division, Tourism Council of Bhutan by "4th November" before "3 PM" 

Plan of Action (Proposed) 

4th November, 2014 Deadline for the proposal to be submitted to TCB before 3 PM 

4th November, 2014 Opening of the proposal by the tender committee at 3:30 PM 

6th November, 2014 Selection of the Company and signing of the contract agreement                       

26th November, 2014 Submission of the layout and design to TCB for approval 

26th December, 2015 Submission of the final copy of the magazine