Following new requirements introduced by the Paro Dzongkhag, all guests are now required to pre-book horse riding services for the Taktsang trail.

This follows the introduction of the Taktsang services Management Group, which is aimed at improving the quality of services and avoiding unnecessary problems arising due to lack of organized service providers. Guest safety will also be enhanced as there are new safety protocols and standards in place. 

As part of this, all horse-riding service providers are required to now provide their service through the management team, instead of waiting at Ramthangka on a daily basis.  

Any guests who require horse riding services are required to place advance booking through the following numbers:  

1. Phub Dorji - Treasurer (Accounts) (77711481)

2. Khandu - Chairman, (17 657 286)

3. Khandu - Secretary, (17 535 622)

If bookings are not made in advance, guests will need to wait in turns, which will be determined by the on-site management team.

This requirement comes into effect from Sunday April 02, 2023.