The Tourism Council of Bhutan is pleased to announce the following vacancies on consolidated contract as detailed below:

1) Asst. Info and Media Officer

2) Asst.Tourism Officer

Interested applicants with relevant qualifications/training and experience will be given preference for purpose shortlisting and will be guided by Section 5.2.2. & 5.11 of Chapter 5, BCSR 2018.

The following documents should be submitted to TCB with the following documents latest by 7

July 2022 before 5:00 pm.

1. Application

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Attested copy of Academic Transcripts

4. Copy of any relevant training/work experience documents

5. BCSE s

6. core sheet.

7. Security Clearance

8. No objection if employed

For further information please contact at 325505(219)/323251/52 (Ext 227) during office hours.

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