Posted on: Apr 1, 2021

Availability: From: 2021-09-01 | To: 2022-12-31

Posted By: Bhutan Acorn Tours & Travel

Tucked away deep in the eastern Himalayas between the mighty neighbours – China to the north and India to the south, there lies a tiny independent country that remained isolated for centuries with the rest of the world until it opened its door to the outside world in 1960s. Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and least travelled countries in the world and the last living Vajrayana Buddhist Kingdom.

Bhutan has both natural beauty and cultural wealth so carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation, that visitors are not surprised to hear its nickname ‘Kingdom of Happiness’.

On this 6 Days 5 Nights adventure through the hearts of 4 western districts of Bhutan, you’ll go on nature hikes and appreciate pristine natural environment, explore and ramble through rural villages and gain firsthand experience on its culture and people. Come visit Bhutan with us and explore one of the most unique and extraordinary countries in the world.

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