Posted on: Jan 25, 2019

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Trip Overview

Discover the hidden Kingdom of Bhutan, a country that earned its nickname ‘Kingdom of Happiness’ through living in complete harmony with nature and everyday life of its people nurtured by the mindful Buddhist way of life. Witness one of the largest festivals in Bhutan, Thimphu Tsechu which takes place from 7th - 9th October 2019. This annual festival showcases Kingdom’s rich cultural values and unique ancient traditions that still remains vibrant and untouched.

Dressed in their finest and colourful outfits, thousands of people come to witness, to celebrate, to socialize, to receive blessings and pray for health and happiness. The monks perform skillful centuries old sacred mask dances interspersed with lively traditional folk songs and dances by men and women. Adding glamour to the festival, the clowns known as ‘Atsara’ are the integral part of this festival cheering and jestering the spectators.

Go farther beyond the capital city through rugged mountain pass clad in dense forests and beautiful fertile valleys, visit ancient monasteries and Dzongs (fortresses), explore rural Bhutan while you get to dine exotic local cuisine to your heart’s content.

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