Posted on: May 9, 2022

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Posted By: Truly Bhutan

Festivals are religious events. The ground where they are held is purified and consecrated by lamas, so when you are watching a festival you are, in essence, on the perimeter of an outdoor religious ground. The conduct of the onlooker should be governed with this in mind. The dancers whether monks or laymen are in a state of meditation. They transform themselves into the deities, which they represent on the dance ground. They generate a spiritual power, which cleanses, purifies, enlightens, and blesses the spectators.

A Festival is a religious ceremony held on consecrated ground. Therefore it would be appreciated that respectful conduct is adhered to during these festival times.

Festivals are not entertainment held as a tourist attraction. They are a religious tradition, which outsiders are at present allowed to attend. An unruly behavior has in the past led to dismay from the local population as well as criticism. In order to maintain the policy of tourists being allowed to view the festivals proper behavior would be appreciated.