Posted on: Feb 11, 2020

Availability: From: 2020-09-24 | To: 2020-09-30

Posted By: Terma Linca Journeys

This 7 day 6 night program is part of series – “the Sacred Festivals of Bhutan” that centers around festivals that happen during different part of years in different regions of Bhutan. This particular one is around Thimphu Tshechu.

The ancient festivals of Bhutan called the ‘tshechus‘ (meaning the ‘tenth day’) are considered sacred since they not only celebrate the life of Guru Rimpoche (known to have appeared on a tenth day of lunar calendar), but also the advent of Buddhist faith in Bhutan and its various milestones.

These festivals conducted and performed by the monks, are also a medium that is used to pass spiritual messages to laity through mask dances or ‘Cham‘ which is best described as ‘mystical plays’

The sacred festival in Thimphu is considered the grandest of all with attendance from all walks of life. For more details, contact us.

Places: Paro, Punakha, Thimphu,

Highlights: Thimphu Festival, Big Buddha, Punakha Dzong

Accommodations and Services options: Mixed Deluxe

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