Posted on: May 9, 2022

Availability: From: 2022-05-09 | To: 2029-12-31

Posted By: Truly Bhutan

We are fully equipped with all infrastructure and logistical needs to ensure your stay with us is unique and exclusive. We have with us some of the best professional guides whose commitment and dedication are truly extraordinary, yet very much Bhutanese. Homestay is also one of the special arrangements we make introducing to our clients to the core of the Bhutanese family life and living. Truly Bhutan assures you to give the best of everything that Bhutan has for the people in the world.

Bhutan with its unexplored pristine environment, rich architecture, unique Bhutanese culture, and tradition is one of the most exotic travel destinations. Bhutan indeed is a land representing the last Shangri- la.

Led by a team of experienced, knowledgeable tour guides, the company’s tours and treks are guaranteed ecologically and culturally sensitive, and they can be directed to fit every interest from textiles to cycling, and nature to photography. When traveling with us you will truly experience the unique Bhutanese culture, and become acquainted with the people of Bhutan instead of just “Seeing the Sights.” Our personal attention and care create a group of camaraderie not found on most tours.