Posted on: May 9, 2022

Availability: From: 2022-07-18 | To: 2022-07-28

Posted By: Truly Bhutan

The rugged, mountainous landscape of Bhutan lends itself well to both on-road and off-road mountain biking and the sport is seeing increasing popularity among both visitors and Bhutanese alike. There are a variety of biking routes available ranging from smooth journeys on paved roads to challenging off-road dirt trails that wind through rough terrain. The sport offers a certain intimacy with the environment that is seldom experienced in vehicles. With better roads replacing the old and the increasing number of off-road roads, biking is now becoming a very unique and original way of seeing and interacting with the country, people, and the Bhutanese environment.

Most biking trips go through well-paved roads while others trail onto dirt roads and trails. Traffic is still relatively very light and the experience is very intimate. The more adventurous have the option of making side excursions for more “off-the-road” ventures if prefer. The trails accommodate most types of frames: including MTB, Hybrid, and Road, depending on your cycling style and experience. Biking trails mostly meander through small towns and villages and rural areas; it’s just you, your bike, the tour group, and the agrarian and natural scenery.