The Ugyen Village Homestay is located in the beautiful traditional village of Dumchoe in the heart of the Haa Valley, at the base of 3 sacred hills known as ‘Miri Punsum’. Ugyen and Chimi’s family have their ancestral roots in the Haa valley and are known as Haaps amongst the Bhutanese. Staying at either of these farmhouses will provide one with a truly memorable Bhutanese experience. Ugyen’s Village Homestay is more than 200 years old and is built in the traditional Bhutanese style typically seen all over Bhutan. It is an exceptionally large home displaying some fine features of days gone by. Previously belonging to the Ex District Governor (Ugyen’s Uncle), which explains the grand nature of the dwelling, it has now been transferred into Ugyen’s ownership. Guests will be guided over a babbling stream and past an ancient Buddhist Chorten (stupa) before being shown down a stone-lined path to be greeted by the whole family on the landing of the home-stay – a wonderful way to set the scene for a memorable stay.

Location: Haa

Services: SERVICES:- 1. Traditional Sport:- Archery and Dats 2. Herbal Hot Stone Bath 3. Traditional Folk Dance 4. Farming 5. Camp Fire 6. Milking cow and Churning milk