Bhutan Jewel Travel established in Year 2009 and has an excellent record of organizing responsible and ethical tours and trek packages in Bhutan. All of our clients are treated with great respect irrespective of their Gender, Age, Religion, Color, Caste, or an LGBTQ.
As reiterated often by us, we strongly believe that "A Tour to anywhere is as good as the Tour Operator you travel with". Under no circumstances do we want our Guests to suffer due to our lacking.
That is why our major focus is on RESPONSIBILITY for our Clients.
We Organize the following activities in Bhutan:
- Cultural and Leisure sightseeing Tours
- Trekking in through the beautiful mountains of Bhutan
- Relaxing and active Day Hikes
- Adventure Motor Biking to exclusive and common trails, Cycling, River Rafting, and Wild Safari
- Exclusive DHARMA tour with choice to meditate OR/And pilgrimage to many Buddhist sites.
- Retreat Package with a session of Pranic Healing, meditation, or just being on your own in tune with the nature and wilderness in Bhutan
- Medical Tours – We are the FIRST to cater to medical tourism in Bhutan to help guests try the various methods of traditional healing practiced for centuries in Bhutan. For more detailed information Please visit