"As a bridge to cross-cultural understanding through learning travel"because, We Are Passionate About Travel. And Want to Show You the World. Our philosophy is to create enriching experiences for travellers by combining an unbeatable mix of exceptional service and quality at great value.
So, we regard the company as learning about traveling, become a bridge to understanding cross-cultural understanding in the global world, contribute to the creation of the activities of the visitor travelling to Bhutan's environment for a rich, culturally virtuous society as a reason for existence. To put this into practice, we will focus on the following matters and conduct tour activities, which we will provide valuable travels in various fields such as:
1) Packaged Tour,
2) Custom-ordered tour
3) Tailor-made tour,
4) Inbound Tour,
5) Business Travel ,
6) Leisure Travel,
7) F.I.T,
8) Group Tour,
9) Educational Tour,
10) Incentive Travel,
11) MICE,
12) Tour which is intended for Elderly,
13) Wedding,
14) Honeymoon,
15) Education,
16) Long-Stay,
17) Industrial Tourism,
18) Barrier-Free Tour,
19) World Heritage Tour,
20) Eco tour,
21) Volunteer Tour,
22) Adventure Tour,
23) Sports Tour,
24) Arts Tour,
25) Culture Tour,
26) Luxury Tour,
27) Photography Tour,
28) Himalayan Air breathing Tour
29) Bhutanese Traditional healing Tours and
30) World Peace Promotion Activity Tour.
We will do our utmost to satisfy the intellectual desires of travelers through culture, dignity and virtuous hospitality to strive to create customers and obtain continued trust and aim for a reliable company.