Welcome to Bhutan-The Land of The Thunder Dragon. Taking high quality and customer experience as our goals, we put effort in providing you an once-in-a-lifetime Bhutan experience. At Bhutan Pelyab Tours, there are many different packages for customer’s request, from cultural, trekking, festivals to special tours. However, as an expert in Bhutan tailor-made tours and with our experience, we understand that a “one size fits all” would not work for every customer. Our team is happy to arrange customized trips and make suitable changes upon your requests. All of our team members are dedicated with years of working in the tourism industry. Accompanying you in Bhutan will be our local guides, who are the best sources of information about culture and history of Bhutan for you. They can tell you everything about the Bhutan history and myths on the trip so you will have a deeper understanding of Bhutanese daily life. Go on a trip to Bhutan and see the beauty and the magnificence of the kingdom’s nature and human like no other places. Please feel free to discuss your plans with us at [email protected] or call us at +975 1795 2136, so we can deliver to you the best time in Bhutan.