Bhutan unveils the secrets of Himalayan folds revealing the inseparable blend of its people to the critically endangered species yet omnipresent in the soul of Bhutanese. The species dictates the function of forest ecosystem and ramble the soil of Bhutan from hot humid to cold numbing altitude transforming into the culture of Arts, Songs and Myths. The species described was Tiger, scientifically kwon as Panthera tigris.

The roaring beast shows inimitable characters of strengths and manifestations which is intricately woven on tapestry and painted on walls inflicting the fear and showing its mightiness. Taksang fortress, one of the Asian wonders was named after the myth unfolded in 8th century where Saint Guru Padmasambhawa flew ridding on the back of the tigress from the sheer cliff. Many terrestrial bodies in Bhutan were name after tiger such as Gangchen Taag in Laya. Bhutan is not only ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ but also the Land of Roaring Tiger.