Brilliant Bhutan Travels (BBT) is licensed tour agent, officially established as an inbound tourism company under the Royal Government of Bhutan and registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The main objectives of establishing the company is to provide our guest a BRILLIANT tour packages to experience ‘more than the usual.’ Understanding the changing scenario that propagates tourism intellectual, we are mindful to execute flexi-proficient tour to our significant guest. We are a discreet team, came forward with strong fortitude to go better ahead and beyond the rims of expectation in-line to the destiny of your happiness. After learning and understanding in-depth about the modern tourism, we have specified distinct tour packages to furnish your happiness and delight you for life time experience.
We allocate the professional tour guide to personalized you with profound understanding and touring. The guides are pre-informed the prospects and purposes of your visits, all the time heedful in anticipating your holidays on the land of Gross National Happiness. We offer you luxury, safety and reliable transportation along with the most experienced driver.