Our tour offers a rare chance to penetrate through the world of magic and myths. Explore ancient monasteries and experience unique culture with us. We serve your need from ground handling to arranging the airline tickets. We can be your One Stop Travel Agent based in Bhutan and USA.

Things To Do With Us

*Enjoy the quiet family vacation and rejuvenate with herbal and hot stone bath
*Meet Monk On Hilltop monasteries
*Hike up the Sacred Taktsang (Tiger’s nest) and kiss the sky
*Visit colorful festival in Bhutanese attire
*Plough the field and enjoy Ara(Locally Brewed Alcohol) with farmers
*Enjoy the bicycle on some world’s highest road pass
*Discover tales of Phallus and get blessed
*Spread Merit By hoisting Prayer Flags and lighting butter lamp
*Romance the untamed River
*Plant the happiness tree and reduce your carbon footprint
*Add 565+ Species of birds in your ornithology dictionary
*Get Married In Bhutan like Royal Couple
*Challenge yourselves on snowman trek
*Take selfies on your Trek To Dagana’s One Thousand Lakes
*Dance with Nomads
*Enjoy traditional food in a farm house
*Meditate at the holy caves

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