Bhutan Niche - Genuinely Your Niche!

Bhutan Niche Tours & Treks with a tagline "Genuinely Your Niche!" is a small boutique travel agent specializing in unique needs of global clients to truly promote Bhutan as "High Value, Low Volume" travel destination.

Therefore, Bhutan Niche Tours & Treks is not your ordinary travel agent. It’s your niche! It aspires to go beyond your travel need – to help you truly find your travel niche. Happiness is an experience. We can help you find your niche, craft your story and make it truly a beautiful experience.

We are built on the social enterprise business model of good for you and good for society. While you would enjoy beautiful Bhutan, we would help you find your niche experience as we treat you not as tourists but as honoured guests.

Visit Bhutan through us and find your niche. Leave behind more than footprints. Take with you more than pictures.