WELCOME to The land of “Thunder Dragon” and “Gross National Happiness “

4B Travel is the short cut of” Four Brothers Travel Tours and Treks “founded in 2011.
ANY GUEST NEVER CAME BY RANDOM or just by curiosity….. because you heard about the vibrant Bhutanese culture you are about to plan a unique and special life trip to our Himalayan Kingdom called “ the last Shangri La “ and we are blessed because that reputation is not betrayed when we make that long trip for reaching our borders and discovering the realities.
Above the well-known richnesses well present around the country like high himalayan snow peaks, authentic architecture, friendly people, virgin forests, monasteries, and deep Buddhism culture in daily life, Bhutan is knowing a well-controlled modernization. Bhutan is the place of records; however, an incredible world asset is flashing among the others: first and single 100% green place!
Bhutan is a destination of curious and passionated people; even the most seasoned traveller considers as privilege to discover it. It’s probably because our people have drawn a rich culture from this heritage and made it the essence of their timeless identity.