Asia Bhutan Travels invites you to let your senses come to life in the solitude of pristine nature.

In Bhutan, you’ll return to nature with the most breathtaking of scenery, white snow-tipped mountains, crystal clear glacial lakes, pure mountain air, the fresh and peppery local cuisine – all designed naturally to make you feel alive!

With Asia Bhutan Travels, you experience Bhutan in close-up! Whether you’re looking for a trekking holiday, a journey of culture and discovery, a simple way to soak in the easy going settlements of our overwhelmingly rural country or just to share a sense of fun, adventure and love of the outdoors, you’ll always find something to suit you here.

And, with Asia Bhutan Travels, the ambiance throughout your stay with us will be one of total relaxation – wherever you stay – you can be sure of a warm and welcoming reception.

Be our guest for this authentic and exotic visit to Bhutan for a truly memorable visit.

We look forward to seeing you in Bhutan.