Bhutan’s Brand tagline ‘Happiness is a place’ simply assures that happiness can be found in simple things at any platform. Specifically designed for the visitors, “Absolute Happiness Origin Bhutan Travel”, the official tour agent is launched with the core intent to let the visitors experience a slice vivacious taste of the land of happiness in the most phenomenal way, and return home taking the new ideas to create happiness among families, friends, relationship, work colleague, in the society and of course to the nation.

“Absolute Happiness Origin Bhutan Travel”, is named in considering the principal objective of how happiness be measured by visitors in a short span of time to immeasurable dynamic pleasure. The sole proprietor of the agent is always known for his decency and hospitable is conjoined by endeavoring staff with extensive cooperation rendered by other international Tours & Travel Agents has formed the company. Thence, the company is recognized as least profit-oriented and other sole related benefits. However, we prioritize on professionalism by advancing the recognition of the company's reputation to compete the other tour companies, especially in rendering greater services of generosity and hospitality.

We feel honoured to say that we are the right travel agent to deliberate how GNH is actually practised on the ground reality. We are one of the professional Bhutanese tour operators awarded the license by tourism moderator organisation of Bhutan called ‘Tourism Council of Bhutan’ (TCB) and ‘Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators’ (ABTO). We will do everything possible to ensure your stay in Bhutan a truly memorable one. Besides creating lots of ready-made itineraries for you to do in Bhutan, we would always like to listen to every client and tailor make their perfect vacation as per their preference.