Bhutan Pema Yoedling Tours and Treks (BPYTT)is one of the authorized licensed agents to sell Bhutan as Tourism destination with different products under the guidance of Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are one of the travel agent among many, inclined to consider and serve you as our valued guest. With the experience gained over periods, we have come through this industry for a long time offering various tour services, with our own experiences in particular field. With our utmost effort in serving our guest to the least, and having served every types of guests every year, we have been considered as reliable tour operator by Tourism Council of Bhutan. We offer tour services especially in the following areas among others: 1. Culture, 2. Nature and 3. Adventure. Our cultural tour packages focus not only around showing the tangible attributes of Bhutan’s customs and traditions but also how these age-old values help define the Bhutanese identity and way of life. On nature, our expertise lies in birding, butterfly tours, botanical tours and wildlife safari – all fields in which Bhutan is a potential world leader in terms of sheer diversity. High and medium altitude treks, biking, kayaking and walking tours comprise our adventure packages.