Bhutan Pristine Tours & Trek was founded in 1999,by Dasho Karma Letho ,who served the Royal Government of Bhutan for 35 years in various departments. In particular he served in his capacity as the Deputy Minister for 7 years in the Ministry of Tourism and communications. Thus with his past experience in tourism ,booking your trip with Bhutan Pristine Tours & Trek will promise you a profound experience of traveling in style- of moving through a hidden realm of pure nature that thrives on the enduring words of ancient Buddhist sages.
The company is managed by a team of dedicated staff, seasoned in the field ,and will ensure you are most memorable stay with its refined service. It is equipped with good infrastructure to offer the best service to all valued clients.

Bhutan is a land locked Himalayan Kingdom, wrapped in incredible mountains of snow peak, and lush shady forests that create impressive, picturesque scenery.
It is the only country that has 72% coverage in forest, which makes it not only carbon neutral, but the only carbon negative country in the world.
Apart from this, Bhutan is a place where traditional Buddhist culture meets majestic Fortresses (dzongs) and monasteries, and therefore a magical and mystical place to be. It offers the experience of Buddhist tradition, in a setting of unique architecture and breathtaking Himalayan landscape, together with the friendly people, who will share their traditional lifestyle preserved in its true form ,thanks to the National policy of High quality, low volume.

Therefore, Bhutan is indeed a special travel destination, with a lasting, positive impact on all visitors.
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