BHUTAN TARA EXCURSION- A Tradition of Excellence
Bhutan Tara Excursion is one of the top travel & Tourism Company in Bhutan with more than 10 years in travel & tourism industry. Bhutan Tara Excursion is a licensed company approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan (governing body of the Royal Government of Bhutan that looks after all tourism related business in Bhutan). We are licensed by Department of Trade & Industry under Ministry of Economic Affairs and we are the member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operatots (ABTO)

Bhutan Tara Excursion, honour itself the ability to show them the real picture of Bhutan; the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Bhutan to travellers with customized packages to suit individuals preferences and affordability, care about the overall experience of travellers rather than sell the usual age-old itineraries.
Our Priority in Understanding client’s Preferences is it sightseeing, or other services, as each client deserves customer services of excellence.

We are specialized in Cultural Tours & family holidays, sightseeing tours, Honeymoon Trip, Romantic trips and especially for any kind of CUSTOMISED TOURS.
We operate from Thimphu, which is a capital city of Bhutan. We have pretty reputation in kingdom and outside the world. We owe luxurious and comfortable transport and chains of all categories of hotels throughout the kingdom of Bhutan.

We are team of Travel & Tourism management professionals working round the clock to ensure you have the most memorable holidays while you are in Bhutan and leave Bhutan filled with a smile and happiness from 'The Land of Happiness'
Bhutan Tara Excursion extends its warm welcome to you to 'The Land of Happiness'
BHUTAN. It is our privilege to show you Bhutan in its vibrant colour and charm. We welcome you to Bhutan and invite you to come and see Bhutan and be mesmerised by its natural beauty and aura.