Bhutan VIP Travel is a fully licensed travel agency registered with the Royal Government of Bhutan’s Tourism Council. We are a member of the Association of Bhutan Tour Operators, an organization established to ensure all registered tour agencies deliver high quality services for all who visit Bhutan.
We aim to serve as your trusted partner during your stay, revealing all the best that Bhutan has to offer in terms you can understand, all the while giving you our best to ensure that every aspect of your experience is memorable. Our company provides highly trained tour guides who are fluent in English with years of experience in Bhutan’s tourism industry.
Our vehicles are well maintained with trained professional drivers. All hotel and lodge accommodations are in establishments recognized by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our guides are ready to lead you through Bhutan, leading you to unique places, visiting sites of cultural and historic significance, and sharing with you the long-standing legends, folklore, and traditions that underlie the lives of the Bhutanese people.
We organize a wide range of tours and visits customized to your particular interests – cultural, spiritual, festival-oriented, or explorations of nature – so that you can envelop yourself in our country, where we will treat you like family. So, we invite you to discover the enchantments of Bhutan with our team. We are sincerely committed to making your stay in Bhutan the holiday of your dreams!


Our logo is created based on traditional Bhutanese textile pattern. It contains four “V” characters which signify our guests are “VVVVIP”-very very very very important persons. The point in the centre represents our aim to deliver high quality services. The cross in the logo means our “VVVVIP” will cross the kingdom of Bhutan with us to experience the unique culture and landscape of Bhutan.