We are well recognized and licensed local tour agency with a dedicated team of specialists for enthusiast travelers to help discover the “Last Shangri La” in all its natural glory.
We are certified by Tourism council of Bhutan and also a member of the Association of Bhutan tour operators and Bhutan Chamber of commerce and industry.
We are here to offer our guests, the best tourism experience of Bhutan and on a grander scale to promote Bhutan as the best tourist destination in the world. Bhutan Incredible tours and treks consists of innovative and a dedicated team who do not compromise when it comes to delivery of service. We are always on the move to improvise and create a different dimension of tourism in Bhutan so that our guests experiences a unique and exotic tour.
We deal with our guests not just on a professional level but also at personal courtesy, so that we can welcome our guests in a homely fashion. We offer our guest not just the luxuries 3,4,5,6,7 stars hotels and resorts but also provide farm stay ,home stay hotels whereby our guest can enjoy delicious home cooked meals or even learn to prepare the local cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the Bhutanese host.
Our agency as in the past continue to offer our guests a journey where you get more than you give, which is why we have an increasing number of tourists travelling to Bhutan through our eyes. Our service can be reflected in the smooth management of your tour, we handle all your required documentation, reservation, planning a perfect itinerary and executing the daily plan with perfection. We assign a knowledgeable and resourceful personal guide and a chauffeur with a personal and luxurious suv or a bus.

Bhutan is a nation of ‘Gross National Happiness’ and Bhutan incredible tours and treks and can convince you that “Bhutan is a nation where happiness can be felt” and not merely be seen.

Tashi Delek !!!