Comapassionate Family Tours is the travel agent founded by kind and friendly compassionate family with the aim to promote our culture and traditional through tourist link. However Compassionate famliy's interest is to meet new people from around the globe and to share and exchange our culture and traditon through friendly and being turthfull.Our company is based inbound tour company whose purpose is to take groups of tourists to the most fascinating and remote places in Bhutan experiencing completely new and exciting activities. We customize their trips completely based on their choice. We prove as best by giving them best services and taking tourist to the point that willl make their day a wonderful one. We pride ourselves on offering our clients exactly what they want while thinking outside of the box to make their adventure exciting and memorable.We are able to design their trip based on where they would like to go, what they would like to do and places they would like to see in Bhutan.Our Travels agent will make sure they experience another side of life style in Bhutan.