Daj Expeditions is founded by two best friends and its business based on this unique friendship. The principles that guide our business are reflected in this one word, TRUTH: Trust, Reliable, Unique, Transparent, and Humility.
When you visit Bhutan through us, we treat you more as a friend than a mere client. You can trust us to ensure your journey is a lasting memory. At Daj Expeditions, we take every step to help you seriously and we do everything we can to provide you with a reliable service. We understand you have options of choosing from hundreds of other tour companies. But, when you choose to work with us, we make sure you have a unique experience in Bhutan. We want to make it clear that our being here is to help you from the day you contact us until after your trip and even beyond that. In order to give you peace of mind, we commit to be as transparent as we can be in this whole process. It is our responsibility that you understand everything you need. Lastly, the goal of our business is to serve you with humility. We will do every ordinary thing to make your trip to Bhutan an extraordinary journey.


Wangzhing Rabney Festival

Posted On: Aug 7, 2019

From: 2019-09-22 | To: 2019-09-24