Druk Global Connection Tours and Travels have been licensed under the tourism council of Bhutan. Our company provides business with a range of services and tailored travel strategies. It is the mandate and principle of our company to focus on the quality service than the volume of profits. We assure our guests would find our company as an exemplary to the rest. As a young company, we are very ambitious to provide better tour service. Our team members are highly professional in our culture and traditions, as well as in conducting tour with comfort and safety through the high mountain terrains.
We organize a wide range of cultural tours, trekking, pilgrimage, festive tour, adventurous tour, honey moon vacations, glimpse of the Himalaya, photography. However, we also cater to special interests and would be delighted to arrange customized tours to suit individual tastes. We take care of your visa applications, airfare and hotel reservation. We look into every detail to make sure your stay with us is made comfortable and remarkable one.
One of the main attractions for the tourists who love saving environment, we have just the right program for them in cleaning and protecting the environment based on their interest. For them, we will organize locals /volunteers to clean the surrounding areas, along with the tourists, where you can pay them for their little help. We will be benefiting the locals, and preserve the nature while enjoy working with the guests, also learn about local culture