Druk Leisure Tours is the first Tour Company in Bhutan to adhere to the principle of Responsible Tourism. In fact, the responsible tourism is a perfect word for Bhutan’s Policy of Low Volume and High Value Tourism. Because of this policy, even after 33 years of tourism, there was a minimal impact on Bhutan’s environment and on its unique culture. Today, Bhutan boasts of having more than 72% of its area under forest cover and the culture still intact and vibrant. So Bhutan is a unique and must visit destination. Many lovingly call Bhutan – the Last Shangri La on Earth. So we welcome you to the last Shangri la on earth.

Druk Leisure Tour top priority is our valued guest realize they have vast experiences that go beyond exotic places of interest but leaving with old sort of exciting and cherish able memories of an ordinary tourist. The main living philosophy of the Druk Leisure Tour is all about living with memories of a Bhutanese by experiencing exotic rich culture first hand and enjoying every aspect of Bhutanese cultural, tradition, environment and lifestyles. And end with come as a guest and depart as a friend. We are highly specialized in trekking, mountain biking, motor biking, cultural guiding, river rafting and kayaking, photography tour, birding, filming, meditation, study tour and wedding arrangements.