See the land enclave by two giant country, China in north n India in south, with fresh air and distinct culture found nowhere in the world with pristine environment that you have missed in your whole life and one of the best place in the globe. Feel yourself in real by connecting through us and again best thing we will shoot your whole journey while u stay in Bhutan and give you edited version when you leave from here as a token of friendship. So we offer almost all kind of tours & Trekking, wedding photography, cultural tour, Festival tour, trekking tour, biking tour, pilgrimage, Rafting & Filming. We have a highly experienced tour guide and camera operator and photographer and trained rescue personals with the total course from volunteer army. To be a good people doesn’t really have to depend on different culture, religion or races it actually depends on how you treat others and that’s exactly what we know. Travel with Enclave Bhutan Adventure and we will let feel live of real human being.