Eureka Expeditions
Eureka! “A cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds something” there’s nothing like Eureka! Bhutan truly the Eureka! Therefore, you will absolutely find “Eureka!” IF only you pay a visit to Bhutan so that you will definitely get a golden chance to experience the true Eureka! “A joy of discovering a new happy place on the Earth”

Our office is based in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city whose primary goal is to ensure that the Himalayan Happiness Kingdom’s status as one of the dedicated to provide inbound tour operations, travel services and hospitality. Founded in 2016, we have had the privilege to serve guests from all parts of the world, such as Europe, US, Asia and beyond. Eureka offers world class, hassle free holidaying in Bhutan. The company takes care of all your travel needs, thereby giving you the bliss of enjoying travel at any given point.

To create the most valuable HAPPINESS experience in Bhutan

To induce every tourist to come back Bhutan and introduce more friends about Bhutan.