Hans Travels is a tour operator passionate about the tourists visiting Bhutan. It is guided by the philosophy- tourist is a guest and a guest is God. The company is a sole proprietorship of its owner, Sarada, who has a wide experience in tours, hospitality and event management.

Due to its service quality, it has earned a goodwill with its customers and love of its dedicated team of guides and staffs. Enchanted by the charm of our country coupled with our insightful services, we are always remembered by our guests who promise to return to re-experience the last Sangrila in the world. We combine the cultures of the country and showcase them as a salad and not as a juice, so that the guests can have the taste of every different aspect of our culture. We are very mindful of the fragility of the natural environment while associating with our guests. So we urge all visitors to be here to believe us and allow us to explore our green land- a land which is carbon negative!