Introduction to Langur Eco Travels
We at Langur Eco Travels, one of Bhutan's most successful Bird Watching, Wildlife Photography and Nature Tour specialists. Founded in 2006, Langur Eco Travels has been developing every year since, adding new tours and venturing further into previously unexplored territories.
Set between the Plains of India and the High Himalayas, Bhutan is the perfect escape from daily routine where. Snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, dense jungles and crystal-clear rivers combine with a calming ancient Buddhist culture where no harm is permitted to any sentient being, results in Bhutan being one of the top bio-diversity countries in the world.
About Us
LANGUR ECO TRAVELS has taken pride in having a team of experienced and professional Bhutanese whose in-depth knowledge has been gained by trekking across the mountains trails to reach remote areas, studying the wildlife and researching for documentary films. Now we feel that we know Bhutan ‘inside out’ and can locate the best areas that serve as crucial habitat for rare species such as Satyr Tragopan, White-bellied Heron, Beautiful Nuthatch, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Black-necked Crane and Ward's Trogon. Langur Eco Travels also specializes in taking recordings of bird song and have added them to the zano-canto web-site, as well as contributing to the National Bird Songs of Bhutan, whilst editing an extensive song library for the use of Langur Eco Travel’s guests.
Our guides come from different parts of Bhutan, they speak the different Bhutanese dialects, have a deep understanding of Buddhist philosophies and excellent English, allowing questions to be answered precisely, adding to the quality of our guests’ experiences - and we always carry a video cam!