Lhagyal adavntures is a licensed tour operator committed to making your trip to Bhutan a increditable experience. Almost every traveler wishes a tour of a foreign country to be a golden opportunity to learn not only about its culture and history but also to experience the delights of the local food and comfortable transportations and other amenities to ensure a completely stress-free holiday. This is particularly true of travelers to Bhutan. We, our office are are here to Guide and designed to make your wishes come true!
Our office is specialize in Cultural Tours, Trekking, Rafting, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Motorcycle Tour, Festival Tours, Photography Tours, Honeymoon tours, Expatiation trip etc. Our overall objective is not only to maximize the earnings; it is our tour company top priority of minimizing adverse cultural and environmental impacts of tourism industry.
We as a part of Bhutan tourism and hospitality industry, realize that our environment and culture are the fundamental resources on which it thrives and grows. It must recognize its responsibility for conservation and sustainable natural resource management by committing and working within principles and guidelines of Gross National Happiness to achieve sustainable tourism development in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
The sustainable development of our industry requires partnership/counterpart and cooperation within the industry, and between the industry, government, tourists, and local people. Local input and involvement are also very important for the long-term and sustainability of our industry.