Make Through Bhutan Tours & Treks is a tour operator registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan with its base in Thimphu. The company is founded by young enthusiast entrepreneurs and the employees are equally keen in their work to provide the best experience for the tourists wishing to visit Bhutan. Nestling in the Himalayas Bhutan is known for its monasteries, fortresses and breathtaking landscapes from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys perfect for trekking destinations. The unique culture and tradition of Bhutan is astonishing feature that is must experience for all the tourists. With our passion and knowledge, we aim to offer high quality services and customized travel packages for tourists ranging from beautiful excursions to exhilarating adventures and trekking. We provide exceptional services catering to the individual needs of the guests with a dedicated professional team to make your trip aim authentic experience. Lets us help you make through Bhutan to create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Visit Bhutan - The Land of Thunder Dragon with us!