NEAT Bhutan, (Nature Excursion and Adventure Tourism) provides an immersive experience to the nature-loving traveler. Founded by Kinzang Namgay, the former head of Bhutan’s World Wildlife Fund and one of the architects of Bhutan’s internationally recognized National Park System, NEAT is able to connect visitors to people and places in Bhutan that most outsiders never see. NEAT knows Bhutan, and knows how to make your journey to the Dragon Kingdom unforgettable!

NEAT embodies the values of Gross National Happiness. We are proud to work with our community partners to ensure that adventure and eco-tourism in Bhutan benefits local farmers and villagers. NEAT believes in keeping it local, we work exclusively with local guides to make sure that you see the Bhutanese countryside as we do. Our history and our national stories come to life in the forests and mountains of Bhutan. Let NEAT introduce you to them!