Despite the Bhutanese people’s abiding love of nature, bird watching as an organized pursuit is a new concept in Bhutan, and most of the birding tours are lead by foreign tour guides. While generally knowledgeable, these guides typically lack the in-country experience necessary to maximize the chances for successful sightings. In contrast, at OFF TO BHUTAN, we take pride in having a team of experienced and professional Bhutanese bird watching guides. We have sets of local birding guides who have a strong reputation for guiding international birding clients for many years. As birding enthusiasts ourselves, our guides have hands-on knowledge that has allowed them to identify some of the best locations in Bhutan that serve as the critical habitat for rare species such as Wren Babblers, Pheasants, and Laughing Thrushes, among others. OFF TO BHUTAN also specializes in avian recording and has an extensive song library, including ones donated to Cornell University (USA) and xeno-canto. In addition to excellent birding skills, our guides are also well versed in local culture, history, and traditions, with a good command of the English language. Consequently, our guides are uniquely positioned to answer all of our clients’ questions, thereby ensuring that our guests get the most out of their experience.

When taking a trip of a lifetime, don’t trust your travel experience and memories to any generic tour operator. Entrust your journey to the birding experts at Off to Bhutan.