In making Bhutan the ‘gem in the crown’ of travel destination- Rapid Bhutan Tours & Treks is yet another effort to make this magic happen. Started in 2018 by a group of travel specialists in Bhutan- Rapid Bhutan is a locally based tour operator in Bhutan. It is an inbound tour operator manned by travel guides and consultants working in the tourism industry for more than a decade. Crocheting the state’s guiding principle, Gross National Happiness and the state’s tourism policy, high value, low impact- Rapid mandates to offer tour packages that is eco-friendly, happiness-oriented, and sustainable tours. In just few decades after unshackling the isolation policy, the nation that is only a dot in the globe has become a destination paradise. Living in the century-old culture and tradition, and in the cocoon of medieval era and modern days- Bhutan offers the most authentic aesthetic values in all spheres of tours in Bhutan and offers experiences that will last forever, perhaps a tale to unfurl as you grey. With Rapid Bhutan, as our tagline expresses- ‘a swift tour companion’ your travel to Bhutan will be as swift as swift. Book with Rapid Bhutan Tours & Treks- we are just a click away for the most memorable tours in Bhutan.